Project Implementation

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We extensively take care of the realisation of your project. The focus in doing so lies on the realisation of the technical infrastructure:


  • Road construction and crane sites / mounting surfaces, transport routes, covers the new production of access routes to the site area, necessary crane sites among other things
  • Foundation and reinforcement (creating the foundation according to the project documentation underlying the permission of immission control law)
  • Grid connection and communication, transmission station (realization of the grid connection according to the demands of the energy supplier and manufacture of necessary communication ports for supervision of the plant, its remote control and billing of the electricity delivery)
  • Realisation of the ancillary provisions and the demands of the landscape conservation plan
  • Taking on all services of the object planner, especially including the construction management
  • Supervision of the project implementation with regards to compliance with permission of immission control law, the execution plans and service descriptions, the recognised rules of the technology as well as public law
  • Coordination and commissioning of all measurement, testing, supervision and documentation tasks as part of the complete activity
  • Keeping a construction journal in accordance with the current legal provisions, fulfilment of documentation and disclosure obligations, documentation of the building process, compliance with respective norms and provisions, the time frame and the work performed
  • Realization of all tasks arising from the building site regulation including creation of a safety and health (SiGe) plan and creation of site rules


Even after completion, we ensure smooth operation of the generating plant. The focus lies on the following tasks:


  • Supervision of the deadlines regarding warranty, fulfilment of insurance benefits, maintenance and control intervals, control of the lifecycle file (maintenance specifications). 
  • Regular control of the plan using remote monitoring in order to quickly take necessary measures for a restart in case of breakdown.
  • Regular inspections.
  • Control of the site surroundings and creation of an acceptable state (mowing vegetation, removing waste and pollution as well as visual control and documentation) at least two times per year.
  • Coordination and control of the maintenance intervals with the plant manufacturer, control of maintenance and inspection alternating with maintenance.
  • Control of repair and damage processing (damage report, documentation, performance and invoice control).
  • Coordination of the tasks of the rotationally commissioned reviewer for the periodical reviews 
  • Regular capturing, evaluation and documentation of the yield data and availability  
  • Representation of the interests of the plant operator toward the plant manufacturer and the energy supply company
  • Provision of consulting services in the context of operation of the plant,
  • Annual reporting about the status of the plan, about upcoming investments resulting from necessary repairs or other events as well as about the availability and the quality of provided services
In addition to SCADA software of the plant manufacturers, we use self-developed reporting systems and manufacturer-independent software such as  Rotorsoft.

Solar Energy

Although the focus of our work lies in the field of wind power usage, we also engage in other energy production methods. This particularly includes the use of solar energy in addition to cogeneration of heat and electricity. Project emphases have been:
  • thermal solar energy usage for service water heating and heater support
  • power generation using photovoltaic
reference being small plants in the private sector for thermal solar energy use. Projects in the context of photovoltaic power generation are being prepared abroad.

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