The employees of the company see it as their responsibility to create all licensing requirements demanded by law in high quality for their own planned projects or those commissioned for planning by third parties.


A large number of tasks are solved by our own engineers.


To clarify subject-specific problems, we have longstanding cooperationrelationships with various specialised offices. These entail:


  • Special assessments on turbulence load and impacts of the wake flow on high-voltage lines and buildings
  • Grid calculations (design calculations)
  • Sound measurements, service measurements
  • Yield prognoses for wind power and solar projects
  • Revenue reports, market value analyses
  • measurement services, cartography
  • Soil investigation, foundation recommendation
  • Static calculation, constructional inspection
  • Urban development services (area use plans, development plans)
  • Special faunistic studies as foundation for the landscape conservation plan
For the solution of such special project-specific problems, respective specialist offices are commissioned where the overall responsibility, the coordination of individual tasks and project management always lie in our hands. Through these longstanding cooperation relationships and the thereby developed trust, we can react very flexibly to different needs.
The contractual securing of the areas necessary for the project is a centre of attention of our services. Here, we work trustingly with different local notaries. We solve legal problems in the context of contractual relationships or during the realization of approval procedures together with renowned law firms specialised in contract and administration law.
In addition to technical planning and attainment of necessary agreement and approval, realisation of the technical infrastructure all the way to ready-to-use creation of the complete project forms a further emphasis of our activities.
Here, too, we have longstanding cooperation relationships with specialised firms and realise specific tasks in cooperation with these:
  • Civil engineering and road construction (access roads, crane sites, enclosure) 
  • Manufacture of foundations (deep and surface foundation)
  • Creation of a grid connection and if necessary substation
  • Manufacture of the necessary communication links
  • Realisation of commissioned measures in the context of compensatory and replacement measures
  • Monitoring after initiation of operation of the projects
  • service and repair measures as part of technical management
  • maintenance work on the sites