The PROMETHEUS® GmbH is active in the following professional areas:
Project configuring, the construction and the operation of innovative complete and partial solutions
– the use of renewable energy sources,
– the use of innovative production systems and
– the use of ecological construction and energy saving building technology
In addition to expert technical advice and scientific support of these areas we realize the preparation of forecasts, opinions and studies as well as planning and project coordination.
So far, 80 wind turbines were accompanied in the approval process and partly built turnkey basis by our team. These wind turbines have a power of more than 150 MW.
In addition, we operate our own facilities using renewable energyespecially wind power plants and facilities for the use of solar energy. The competence by previous extensive professional experience of the teamin the areas mentioned always ensures proper processing of the tasks.

The PROMETHEUS® Construction GmbH & Co. KG takes over all activities related to the specific project implementation. ( From the creation of the technical infrastructure to turnkey implementation of projects)
That includes the commissioning of necessary expert options for stability as well as a obtaining necessary permits and the technical support of all steps of implementation.
We take care to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations according to the construction site regulations and compliance with all resulting from the relevant building regulations of the federal states of Germany regulations.

The PROMETHEUS® Technik GmbH & Co. KG
The company guarantees the monitoring of their own generating plants and maintains systems of third parties, mostly of customers out on their own responsibility for approving projects.
In addition to the SCADA software of the system manufacturer, we use self-developed reporting systems and vendor-independent software, such as Rotorsoft.

The PROMETHEUS® Planung GmbH & Co. KG handles all tasks related to the acquisition of new sites for the construction of plants for production of clean energy.  


In addition, the company is preparing approval procedures together with the Prometheus GmbH   and accompanies those for the approval.
The latter not only for their own projects but also like on behalf of third parties.


The PROMETHEUS® GmbH was founded in 1991. The employees occupy with the creation of the conditions for the construction ofproprietary wind turbines.


With the commissioning of the first wind turbine in 1998 was reached an important milestone.By the year 2000 there were a total of five wind turbines taken into operation. This made an substantial contribution to the strengthening of farmer-economic basis of society contributed in the following years.


With the outsourcing of several areas of practice in 2006, a reorganization of the responsible and a specializing in specific practice areas within the company group were aimed.


In 2008 expands the company´s composite PROMETHEUS   its activities also abroad, because of the foundation of several project companies in Poland.

The team

In the PROMETHEUS® GmbH regularly work up to four salaried project engineers in addition to the management.The thematic priorities:


subject areas like building / architecture, geography, mechanical Engineering, business management and law. Most tasks can be realized with own resources by this way.


Three freelancers in der Republic of Poland contribute for expert preparation of foreign projects, locally.Also here was set value by the selection of employees to an appropriate subject-specific education.